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Meeting Medicaid Billing Needs with Sensitive Medical Billing Software

Medicaid billing (similar to medicare billing)requires medical billing software that is versatile and sensitive enough to work with Medicaid.

Medicaid Billing

Medicaid billing (similar to medicare billing)requires medical billing software that is versatile and sensitive enough to work with Medicaid. Medicaid is state subsidization of medical expenses paid on behalf of qualified low-income individuals or families. Though requirements differ in each state, the payment is made directly to the medical practice or service provider.

In establishing medical billing solutions within a medical office, software is generally purchased to manage, track, and control billing information. Medicaid billing is handled differently than most medical billing. Since most medical billing is paid directly by the client or by the client’s insurance company, most medical billing software is set up for traditional billing to the client or the client’s insurance company. But Medicaid billing is paid through state government operations and requires software that is sensitive to Medicaid billing.

Medicaid Billing Need

In 1985, over 30 million Americans were enrolled in Medicaid. In 2003, less than 20 years later, the American population enrolled in Medicaid climbed to over 40 million. Clearly, with technological advances since 1985, medical billing software should be sensitive to the growing need for Medicaid billing allowances.

In understanding the nature of the need for Medicaid billing allowances in medical billing software, it is helpful to understand the Medicaid enrollment trends. Though low-income families may apply for enrollment in Medicaid, these young to middle-aged families do not make up much, if any, of the Medicaid population.

In 1999, over 38 million Americans were enrolled in Medicaid. About 33 million of those enrolled in Medicaid were the elderly, while the other 5 million consisted of disabled individuals. In 2003, the trend remains similar. Of the over 40 million individuals enrolled, over 34 million consisted of the elderly, while slightly fewer than 6 million individuals were disabled.

The point is that, in general, those enrolled in Medicaid (statistically the elderly and disabled) also require more medical care than other low-income families or individuals. That means that if a medical service provider is unable to react to Medicaid billing needs, then that medical service provider will be unable to assist not only the large demographic of Medicaid-enrolled individuals but also many elderly and disabled-two of the most medically-needy demographics.

Benefits of Medicaid Billing Sensitive Software

Millions of Medicaid-enrolled individuals are seeking medical service providers who are able to meet with the Medicaid billing needs of the state government and of Medicaid individuals.

Fortunately, with advances in technology, Medicaid billing sensitive software is available to answer the needs of the increasing Medicaid-enrolled population, many of whom are in regular need of medical attention.

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