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3 Reasons Why Medical Billing Software is Leading the Way

Since technology changes so quickly, it is hard to begin by saying “in the old days . . . ,” but that seems to fit the best. In the old days, medical companies, service providers,

Since technology changes so quickly, it is hard to begin by saying “in the old days . . . ,” but that seems to fit the best. In the old days, medical companies, service providers, and almost any other business which used automated billing enjoyed the convenience of logging on to a database (or several, they the company had multiple offices) and processing their billing statements. This “old way” required IT and servers, and is actually still the current way for most businesses.

Somewhere along the way, medical billing software was developed to process billing without logging on to multiple databases, without having IT, and without crowding the server. This medical billing software is not only cutting edge, but it is also a miracle because it comes without a large set-up and usage expense. Soon, all companies will be marching to the beat of the new medical billing software drummer.

Let’s explore the differences between the “old way” and the new by looking at the 3 reasons why medical billing software is leading the way in corporate software.




The “old way” was convenient for its time, but that time may soon be gone. It consisted of a different database for each office, which meant that if your business had 3 offices, you would have had to log on to 3 different databases to process your billing statements and close at the end of each day.

Using only a broadband connection, “the new” way connects you to an unlimited number of databases at once, allowing you to manage all of your accounts with clients, providers, etc., all in one connection.

In addition, with the same technology now available with medical billing software, you can connect to a secure server from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. You can work from home, the hotel, or anywhere else on a secure account that can only be accessed by those whom you authorize.




The “old way” was to have separate applications for every function your business needed to perform. For example, records of clients, customers, providers, or patients, would each be kept in separate files in multiple databases. Then, to track appointments and schedules, your business would probably have had to open a whole new application.

Now medical billing software has one system for all of the functions your business needs to perform, not just to process medical billing statements. Log on; track your provider records and schedules, your client records and schedules, and your own financial records and schedules, all in one place.




The question that runs through the minds of every thoughtful business when a new technology that claims to guard so many important and sensitive documents is, “Is this secure software?”

The answer is “yes,” because this advanced medical billing software backs-up, protects, and secures all data on HIPAA-compliant servers, which are accessible only to those whom you authorize.

New medical billing software is also a pioneer in financial security because the software does not require large start-up costs; it is billed the same way it is used: month to month.

Businesses can benefit from the technology medical billing software now has to offer. It has been said that the greatest breakthroughs come at the intersection of two different disciplines. Medical billing software has made a breakthrough in combining business skills with medical practice and providing medical billing software that not only meets medical billing needs but also provides a template for software that any business could benefit from.

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