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ESM Billing and Consulting, Inc.
Michael McClenahan
19455 Deerfield Ave. Ste. 208
Lansdowne , VA 20176
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    ESM Billing & Consulting, Inc.

    ESM Billing & Consulting is a full-service, medical claims processing company located in the Lansdowne medical arts campus across from INOVA Loudoun Hospital. We are known for providing the highest standard of accuracy and professionalism, resulting in faster payments at higher values for our client practices.

    ESM was founded in 1997 by Beth McClenahan, a graduate of University of Maryland, who holds a degree in Health Administration. Drawing on Beth’s more than 7 years prior experience in medical claimsprocessing and quality assurance, ESM quickly gained a reputation for improving practice cash flows and increasing claims coding accuracy.

    Based on that reputation, ESM has grown continuously over the years and now provides billing and collections for 20 individual practices. Each practice enjoys a customized approach to its needs and a very high level of personalized service from ESM principals.


    ESM Billing & Consulting offers comprehensive billing and collection services that include initial consultations to ensure the highest value claims coding and incorporate your practice into our state-of-the-art electronic billing system, the Lytec® Practice Management solution.

    We handle your patient’s accounts, record transactions, provide monthly statements, fill out and submit insurance claims and provide you with detailed statistical reports on your practice.

    Procedure Code Analysis

    Inaccurate or inappropriate procedure codes cost your practice thousands of dollars every year. Claims may be denied or “down coded,” in addition to delaying payments sometimes indefinitely. (more)

    Electronic Claims Processing

    Electronic processing speeds up your claims billing, reduces errors and revitalizes your cash flow. It is more efficient and cost effective. (more)

    Claims Cost Analysis® (CCA)

    Offered as a FREE service, ESM’s Claims Cost Analysis (CCA) compares your current billing and collections costs to our fee structure, using your own figures, to illustrate the savings you can realize from our billing and consulting approach. (more)


    ESM’s fees are based on a percentage of the total collections rather than a cost per claim. In almost every case, this fee structure results in significant savings for our practice clients. All of our professional services aside from the initial practice set-up, which is a one-time charge, are included in our percentage fee. Postage, electronic billing fees, paper and HCFA forms are also included in our fee.

    ESM Billing & Consulting, Inc.
    ESM Billing and Consulting, Inc.

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