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    As Advertised in The Journal of the American Medical Association, Bill Collector In A Box provides a centralized way to record, manage and track your collection campaign. This easy-to-use PC software package was designed by a debt collection professional to provide a proven, structured framework for your collection efforts. Here are a few of the many features included in this industry leading debt collection software that's tailored for the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

    Make it hard for your debtor to ignore you -
    Print unlimited, professional demand letters for one low price

    Bill Collector In A Box includes professional form letters for every type of obligation: bad checks, credit card charge-offs, judgments, overdue rent, past-due loans, etc. All these letters conform to state and federal requirements.

    Unlike other programs, which just offer demand letters and charge you after you print a certain quantity, all these professional letters are included with Bill Collector In A Box. You can print as many as you need at no additional charge, and the software tracks who was sent which letter, and what the next step should be.

    Report your debtor to the major credit bureaus
    This powerful feature allows you to report your past-due customers to the two major credit bureaus for as little as $4.50 per customer. By adding this report to your debtor's credit record you are securing your place in the payment process for as long as 7 years.

    Report bad checks to S.C.A.N

    Used by more than 70,000 Retailers and Banks.

    Nothing will get you paid faster than a customer who owes you money being handed a denial card the next time he or she writes a check when in a busy checkout line at a major retail store or bank. When you report a bad check to SCAN, your debtor's checks are not accepted at any of these 70,000 retail and bank subscribers until your check is paid off and you remove him or her from SCAN. The SCAN record stays on file for up to 5 years and costs only $1.50 per check.

    Up the ante: send letters from a collection agency
    Sometimes a letter from your business demanding payment just doesn't move your customer into 'payment mode.' In this case a series of three letters from a collection agency is sure to effect a more committed resolve by the debtor to pay off the debt. The letters graduate in intensity and include a return payment envelope and a payment stub addressed directly to your company, not the collection agency. The price for this feature is $6 for 3 letters sent over 45 days.

    Track down somebody who's trying to evade you
    Skip Tracing is the process of locating someone who has left town, changed all his/her phone numbers, changed jobs, etc. in an effort to avoid creditors. We offer three levels of professional-grade skip tracing, all built into Bill Collector In A Box.

    Select this feature (25 Included with initial purchase); and you will receive updated address, phone, and employment information (if available) automatically updated to the comments section of your debtor every Monday.

    This feature consists of name, address, Social Security number verification, home#, work#, cell#, asset search, criminal history, property ownership, employment, up to 10 family members name, address and phones, spouse verification, and alternate addresses. The information is manually verified by a private investigator and returned to you in a Word document via email. The charge for this feature is $45.00 - one of these is included with the purchase price of the software. Great value!

    The ultimate method to locate missing collateral (bond jumpers, vehicles, rental equipment). This is a 60-day search that is personally managed by our investigators. You pay nothing if we don't locate what you are looking for.

    Full features can be applied to cosigners
    Cosigners are a fact of life in some businesses; they can and should be held accountable. Our software allows you to report cosigners to the credit bureaus, SCAN, skip-trace them, and include them in the letter-printing features.

    Collect your money efficiently -
    Enable payment with credit cards and bank account debit

    Built into Bill Collector In A Box is the ability for you to accept payment via credit card or by direct debit (EFT/ACH) - all without any additional equipment. In fact, you use this feature and throw away that old merchant terminal you currently use to process credit and debit cards. This service can be used for all your processing needs, not just your past due accounts and PPI (our electronic payment partner) will pay you $50.00 just for completing the sign-up process.

    Define payment options in letters with a click
    Don't accept credit cards or checks? You decide which payment options are available to your customers by enabling any of them in the company setup screen. The payment stub you send will then reflect your customers' payment options to you so you don't end up receiving payments that you cannot process.

    Email collection letters
    If you communicate primarily by email, or your customer prefers this method, send them a demand letter by email. This saves your company postage and speeds delivery. 

    Batch sending of letters & emails
    Print letters to customers individually, or to all via our batch letter processing feature. This makes quick work of 1-1,000 debtors.

    Post payments or adjustments easily
    Bill Collector In A Box makes payment posting compliant and fast. Enter the date, amount, adjustment or payment, and Bill Collector In A Box breaks the payment down (principal, fees, interest) - so you don't have to.

    Organize & manage your collection campaign -
    Organize customer data & manage your contacts

    No more piles of files on your desk, no more jogging down the hall to dig out the customer's contact info: store it all in Bill Collector In A Box. Did you remember to call the customer that wanted to pay by phone today? No worries: the built-in tickler system will remind you to call or write your customers as scheduled and stay on top of your collection campaign.

    Exchange data with popular accounting programs

    We have entered data of millions of wrinkled, coffee-stained, illegible accounts into our system. We don't like it, so we didn't think you would either. Simply export your past-due accounts from your accounting or POS system into the industry-standard .csv format for easy import into Bill Collector In A Box.

    Record your collection campaign activities
    Our contacts field adds a brief notation for every written, telephone, or feature usage on each customer. So you'll know where you're at with each one and can keep an eye on the progress you're making.

    Manage accounts of two separate companies
    Entrepreneurs often have their hand in more than one business, so our software allows you to manage two companies at once. Coming soon: management of more than two companies.

    Online help bubbles to guide you
    Just click on the help bubble any time for handy tips and useful information about the field next to it. Much better than a 450-page user manual!

    Reporting features
    Easily print out the status of all your accounts along with balances, how much has been paid, etc. We also integrate custom reports on request - just ask us.

    Store unlimited references
    Lenders - we've got you covered: we have provided numerous fields where you can store all of those countless credit and personal references so you don't have to dig out the file every time you want to reach a reference. Comes in handy when a debtor's phone goes bad.

    Safely backup your data
    Backup your data with a couple of clicks to a flash card, 3.5" floppy, removable drive, CD/DVD, or hard drive.

    Keep your costs down while complying with law -
    Guaranteed results or your money back

    If our product doesn't pay for itself in the first 6 months we will refund your money in full.

    All upgrades included
    We hate paying for upgrades too; so we don't charge you for them.

    Earn free services with our Referral Program
    We believe that positive word-of-mouth by our customers is the best marketing investment we can ever make. That's why every time you refer a business associate through our referral screen under the help menu (and they buy our product), we will credit you $25 towards your future feature usage.

    Unlimited free tech support
    We stand behind our product with excellent support and guidance. We want your experience with our program to be positive and for you to see good results. You can call us (M-F 8-4 Pacific) at 1-800-650-5118 for a complete walk-through of the program or ask us a technical question.

    Or, if you prefer, we can come to you. Any time you are having technical difficulties, our support reps can remotely visit your computer with you (with your permission of course) and assist with any technical issues and provide training.

    Small business product - big business discounts
    Ever tried to negotiate a low commission rate with a collection agency only to be told you don't have the volume to receive a discount commission rate? Bill Collector In A Box users enjoy the same low rate as our Fortune 500 clients. When it's time to forward your accounts to our collection department, our fixed-fee commission rate is 38% (that's 24% lower than most competitors).

    Legal notices for your protection
    When you are entering information in a field with sensitive legal applications, Bill Collector In A Box will remind you to double-check your compliance with informative pop-up windows that keep you out of potential legal trouble. This includes a state-by-state 'bad check' fee schedule, a state-by-state interest rate schedule, a date of occurrence reminder, and an email address disclosure. These can be turned off at any time as you see fit or when the message has been addressed.

    Cherry-pick your accounts for outsourced collection
    Cherry-picking is the art of gleaning all the easy payers out of a file before forwarding it to a collection agency. This is an important part of your front line money recovery - do this and you will decrease the commission you pay an external collection agency. Bill Collector In A Box lets you forward any account to a professional collection agency at a 38% commission rate - that's 24% less than most competitors.


    CA Medical Billing Company

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